They are going to have Russ throwing a deep pass for him to get to in Redford time. Strategic mindset and hands on experience. For comparison: Rodgers' personal best is 9.85. The speed of world-class sprinters, however, is next level. He ran a 4.33-second 40-yard dash at the 2019 scouting combine and reached a top speed of 22.64 mph when he chased down Baker last October, according to NFL Next Gen Stats. That was just something that we did together. You can also stream the event live with fuboTV, which offers a seven-day free trial. Liz Cambage threatens Olympics boycott over 'whitewashed' photos, Thamel: Buffalo finalizing deal to make Maurice Linguist next coach, Tom Brady told players to stay united on NFLPA call, Ohio GOP wants former WR Anthony Gonzalez to resign from U.S. House, one of the highest clocked by an NFL player last season. DK Metcalf shifted from foot to foot, wearing a black singlet and a serious expression as he prepared to run his heat of the 100-meter dash at the Golden Games at Mt. "I can't put it into words, but just the feeling that I had after running the 40, and hearing my mom say, 'I'm proud of you,' it was just great," Metcalf said. (Video courtesy of Metcalf.) SAC, Walnut California, -- May 18, 2021: USATF Open, AP Ranch, Texas, -- May 22, 2021: USATF Throws Festival, Tuscon, Arizona, -- May 23, 2021: Adidas Boost Boston Games, Boston, Massachuettes, -- May 25, 2021: USATF Invitational, Prairie View, Texas, -- May 29, 2021: Chula Vista Field Festival, Chula Vista, California, -- June 6, 2021: USATF Showcase, Prairie View, Texas, -- June 19-20, 2021: U.S. Olympic Team Trials- Track and Field, Eugene, Oregon, Be the first one to comment on this story. He had achieved the improbable, as the people looking back at him were sure he would. And what could his clocked time end up being? That's all I was saying to him on the phone. Copyright 2023 Sporting News Holdings Limited. Metcalf ran a 4.33 40 yard dash at the 2019 NFL Combine. Metcalf's run and the USATF Golden Games and Distance Open will air on the NBC networks starting at 4:30 p.m. Previous posters have mentioned that, in a 100m race, getting out of the blocks well with a great start is likely to be the key for himthe other competitors have been refining their start technique for years. "He had called and he was crying," Tonya said. They made adjustments to his diet -- eliminating his guilty pleasure, strawberry milk, and feeding him "probably more vegetables than he has ever eaten in his life" -- and put him on an intense, high-tech training regimen. It will probably take an even faster time than that to qualify for next months Trials. DK was a three-sport athlete at Oxford High School, running track and playing basketball as . SEATTLE -- DK Metcalf established his credentials as one of the NFL's fastest players with his famous chase-down of Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker. ET on Sunday. And awesome. High School and ran the 40-yard dash in an impressive 4.33 seconds at the NFL combine. According to Oxford High School track and field coach Chris Bush (via Yahoo Sports), Metcalf typically ran low-10 splits on his leg of the 4x100relay. Metcalf is scheduled to run in the 100-meter event, where heats will start at 3:32 p.m. Eastern on Sunday. Now you can find out. The Pinson Valley class of 2023 three-star safety is the younger cousin of NFL star receiver DK Metcalf. Women's Champ Week predictions: Which teams will win the auto bids in all 32 conferences? And despite being in the 95th percentile in weight, he ran his 40-yard dash in 4.33 seconds, the second-best time in his position group, cementing his status as a high-end 2019 draft pick and bona fide freak of nature. Interval Running; Tempo Run; Barefoot Running; Tapering; Tools. Metcalf ran track in high school but his main focus has always been on football. He clocked4.22 seconds in the event, which tied the NFL Combine record held by current Giants receiver John Ross. Terrence, a former offensive lineman, was just starting his professional career with the Chicago Bears. It was kid-sized with a small barbell and equipped with 10-pound, five-pound and two-and-a-half-pound circular weights. Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf is one of the fastest players in the NFL and is as explosive an athlete as they come. Contact Tom Schad at or on Twitter @Tom_Schad. "I mean, he's the biggest wideout I've ever seen, and you've got to ask yourself, 'Who's tackling this guy?'". Usain Bolt holds the world record in the 100 meter dash. Considering the top prize is $3000, hes not in it for the money. Tonya Metcalf did not know anything was wrong at first, other than that she could not spot her son on the field. That's why he and many others in the track and field community are so excited for the USA Track and Field Golden Games on Sunday, when Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf will compete against seasoned pros in the 100-meter dash. NOT DAYS, Metcalf has plenty of speed; he needs to work on his hands. Jalin Hyatt has track speed to stretch defenses and open up the field for the likes of . Those loved ones had the benefit of knowing that all of this had been a long time coming. According to Seminarium Head Hunting, one third of the CEOs of the top 200 companies in Chile are graduates of the school. Who knows, maybe young DK could have put up even more if there was more to the set. I feel confident he was not the leadoff runner, his kind of running style would be best suited for legs 2,3 or 4 with a running start. That's considered elite speed for a professional football player, and particularly one who has Metcalf's build; The Seahawks wide receiver is listed at 6 feet 4 and 235 pounds. At the combine, he was clocked at 4.33 in the 40-yard dash making him one of the fastest players in the NFL. Oakland Raiders coach Jon Gruden even joked at the combine that when he saw the shirtless photo of Metcalf, it made him want to head straight to the weight room to work on his own physique. "But it's not like straight line speed. They view it as a chance to show the NFL what real world-class speed looks like. It will all go good as long as Russ keeps the ball on line, so DK doesnt get a disqualification for going into adjacent lane. DK Metcalf is serious about trying to race in the Olympics The WR is racing in the 100m at the USATF Golden Games and Distance Open on Sunday. Terrence was concerned if DK started too early that he might get a coach who would turn him off to the sport. "There's not many high school athletes that are willing to work like he worked.". How can DK Metcalf qualify for the Olympics? He just literally had to stay in that brace," Tonya said. The remaining spots in the 32-man field at the Olympic Trials will go to the fastest men who failed to surpass the automatic qualifying mark. DK finished in the 90-plus percentile in nearly every test at the combine, from his 134-inch broad jump (97th percentile) to his 40 1/2-inch vertical jump (93rd percentile) to his 40-yard dash (95th percentile). He showed his speed when he tracked down Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker after an interception. But he impressed a lot of those watching with how well he ran against professionals after not having run a track race in six years and after four months of track-intensive training. Metcalf, 21, accomplished all of this four months after breaking his neck. In 2019, it took a qualifying time of 10.26 seconds or better to earn a place at USA Nationals. NBC Sports will televise the meet beginning at 3:30 p.m. Metcalf is entered in the 100-meter dash at Sunday's USATF Golden Games and Distance Open at Mt. People.dont realize how hard track and field is. You can watch the event live on NBC or NBC Sports or stream it live via the NBC Sports app. The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver showed on Sunday that he doesn't have world-class speed but he's also more than merely football fast. In order for him to make it to the trials, he will need to run the 100-meter in 10.05 seconds. North Jersey athletes, like the rest of the sports world, had differing opinions as to whether Metcalf had a chance to actually qualify for the trials in June, with nearly all track people scoffing at the likelihood. Metcalf has accepted an invitation to run the 100 meters at the USA Track & Field Golden Games at the famed. When he showed up in Indianapolis, Metcalf measured in at 6-foot-3 and 228 pounds with a body fat percentage of 1.9. Some aspects of the present disclosure relate to systems and methods for identifying potential violation conditions from electronic communications. "I applaud (Metcalf) for wanting to find out and find out he will.". Outsiders may believe running a 100 isnt that hard, but its incredibly technical, and raw foot speed is only the beginning, Young writes. That would make his potential 100 meter time fall somewhere between 9.88 and 10.33 seconds. Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf chased down Budda Baker in one of the more memorable plays last season. Saint George's College, Santiago. @dkm14: #SEAvsAZ on NBC: NFL app // Yahoo Sports app: Metcalf had a surprisingly good start in Sunday's heat, but he couldn't quite hold his speed over the latter 40 meters of the race. Register now! No offense to DK, Im a fan of his. Metcalf's quick burst out of the blocks contradicted the track . Chris Belcher, a former semifinalist in the 100 meters at the 2017 World Championships, told Yahoo Sports that track athletes are even curious ourselves to see how close other sport athletes really are compared to us.. He . "I think his biggest issue is going to be the start," Rodgers added. 1 receiver in a Seahawks ' offense that quarterback Russell Wilson says is playing at the highest level it ever has since he arrived in . At the time, that was the second-fastest speed any NFL player had reached in pursuit in 2020. Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf chased down Budda Baker in one of the more memorable plays last season. Metcalf reached 22.64 MPH and traveled 114.8 yards to chase down Budda Baker on his 90-yard interception return (Baker's top speed: 21.27 MPH).This was the 2nd-fastest speed reached on a tackle this season.#SEAvsARI | #Seahawks | #RedSea The shirtless workout photo of former Ole Miss wide receiver DK Metcalf set social media ablaze. Opening Ceremonies for the 2021 Olympic Games in Tokyo are scheduled for July 23. To get breaking news directly to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter and download our app. dk metcalf high school stats. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Metcalf ran track in high school but his main focus has always been on football. DK Metcalf is a former track athlete in High School. Metcalf, who is 6-feet-4 inches and weighs 229 pounds, was a superb hurdler in high school, but did not run track at the University of Mississippi. Santa. He gave no interviews before the race but hinted at his participation with a tweet earlier in the week that showed him. DK, an ascending route runner, is emerging as the No. In case you were wondering, Usain Bolt set the world mark in the 100 when he ran it 9.58 seconds in 2009. ET. Metcalf would need to eclipse 10.05 seconds to earn an automatic invitation to next month's Olympic Trials, which is highly unlikely. Metcalf developed the urge to test himself against Americas best sprinters last October after he produced one of the most jaw-dropping plays of the NFL season. <br><br>Extremely passionate and motived by pushing the frontier of digital disruption and being a part of building the future solutions.<br><br>Expert within the field of end to end . Hell have to break 10.05 seconds to automatically qualify for Olympic Trials. One point nine? Given that theres a big difference between football speed and track speed, it seems unlikely Metcalf will hit the automatic mark, and he will be lucky to run the 100-meter in 11 or even 10.8 seconds this weekend, according to Yahoo Sports columnist Shalise Manza Young. "You get a strong work ethic, and then you get a genetic monster; you put those two together and you get something special.". DeKaylin Metcalf Track & Field Bio Sign In to Follow Compare Claim Athlete View Profile High School Suggest a Correction Rankings 2016 Outdoor 110m Hurdles 39" - 14.89 Team: 1st Division 2: 123 5A: 123 MHSAA: 123 Mississippi: 123 National: 123 Triple Jump - 46' 5" Team: 1st Division 2: 123 5A: 123 MHSAA: 123 Mississippi: 123 National: 123 Former 110-meter hurdlerRenaldo Nehemiah, who also played three seasons with the San Francisco 49ers, is also pessimistic about Metcalfs chances of qualifying for the Trials. An invitation to the meet in May followed and Metcalf went into training. Here's everything you need to know about Metcalf's upcoming 100 meter dash and how to watch the NFL star in action on the track. Metcalf High School Stats. Former Ole Miss wide receiver DK Metcalf is testing his speed against the fastest men in the country, and possibly the world. Has been invited to camp at hometown Ole Miss during the summer of 2012 prior to his freshman season by Ole Miss recruiter Justin Crouse, Football, Offensive lineman at Ole Miss and NFL's Chicago Bears (2002-08). They will destroy him," Nehemiah said. The Seattle Seahawks wide receiver will now test his speed against sprinters. Everyone is blazing fast its all about getting out of the blocks properly with the correct stridesand it takes years to perfect. San Antonio College in. "He deserves all the press that he's getting because he is such an impressive athlete just naturally, but at the same time, he works harder than maybe anybody I've worked with," said Nic Hill, a performance specialist at EXOS. Under Russell's four-day-a-week, nearly two-hour-a-day program, with Terrence as an adviser in the weight room, DK went from "long and skinny" as a freshman, as Russell described him, to a kid in a shredded man's body. On the other hand, Metcalf didnt compete in track and field in college and wasnt a flat sprinter in high school. XFL Week 3 preview: Can AJ McCarron, Battlehawks continue their fourth-quarter heroics? This all came together very quickly, so naturally, NFL and Seahawks fans alike have a lot of questions. Arizona Cardinals safety Budda Baker intercepted a Russell Wilson pass at the 2-yard line and appeared to have a clear path for a pick six. At the Double Door? Its official name is Liceo Ex A-0 - Instituto Nacional General Jos Miguel Carrera. So I started him with band workouts at home," Terrence said. Metcalf is Mel Kiper Jr.'s top ranked wide receiver, linebacker, defensive end, strong safety and tight end prospect in this year's draft. In Chicago? We just kept wondering like, 'Where is DeKaylin [DK]?' Sign up for InsideHook to get our best content delivered to your inbox every weekday. In May 2012, Hill ran a wind-legal 10.19 in the 100 and 20.14 in the 200. Sports Pulse: Nancy Armour on what she anticipates from the Olympics, the USA Track and Field Golden Games on Sunday, ran the 40-yard dash in an impressive 4.33 seconds at the NFL combine, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. DK had football offers from Cal, UCLA, Nebraska and Auburn, among others, but followed in his father's footsteps and attended Ole Miss, deciding he would rather be a hometown hero than play for a school and region he had no long-standing connection with. On Sunday in Eugene, Ore., Metcalf will be competing for an automatic qualifying spot inthe U.S. Olympic Trials, and that will be a true test of just how fast he is. Then last season with the Seahawks, he showcased his world . The star Jamaican sprinter also has the 200-meter world record (19.19). Hamilton says Mercedes a long way off pace, Ten Hag must learn from Mourinho to ensure Man United's Carabao Cup win is just the start, Betting tips for Week 26 English Premier League games and more, Transfer Talk: Bayern still keen on Kane despite new Choupo-Moting deal. Metcalf reached 22.64 MPH and. NFL wide receivers work on explosiveness and quick changes of direction, to create separation from defensive backs. Metcalf hinted at his participation in the event in a tweet on Monday. In addition to starring in football and basketball at Oxford High School in Mississippi, the 6-foot-4, 229-pound Metcalf was . That's considered elite speed for a. MORE: Who were the fastest players in the NFL in 2021? The block start is critical, and elite runners will spend hours training to get it just right; at the relatively short distance, races can be won and lost in the first 15 meters, if a sprinter has a phenomenal start or falters at all and cant recover. Metcalf was a track athlete in high school, but he did not compete in the 100 meter dash. The training ramped up in earnest when DK was about 10 years old, as the family returned to Oxford, Mississippi, with Terrence's playing days winding down. DK Metcalf Highlights. Five. D.K. This isnt high school. Rodgers, who will also compete in the 100-meter dash on Sunday, explained that Metcalf will have a hard time in part because of his lack of training. A 10.05 automatically qualifies, with the field of 32 filled out by the next fastest. The USATF Golden Games and Distance Open are just one of the remaining qualifying events for Olympic track and field athletes this year. And awesome. ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. ranks Metcalf among his top 25 draft prospects. DK Metcalf (Knee) DNP Thursday 3 X-Rays Negative On DK Metcalf's Knee, Will Undergo MRI Today See all videos Verified Results Forty 4.68 Seconds Shuttle 4.30 Seconds L-Cone 6.80 Seconds. DK Metcalf is making a run for the Tokyo Summer Olympics literally. Ever wondered how many times the band has played in South America? "And then he's like, OK, just go buy bands and let's train him a different way. If he held that time in a 100m dash, he'd finish around 10.8 seconds. We've seen his speed on the football field on numerous occasions in the NFL, but now the Seahawks and fantasy football star will be taking on a new challenge. Terrence wove the family into the fabric of the team the best he could, even bringing DK into the locker room as the Bears celebrated their NFC Championship Game win against the New Orleans Saints in January 2007. DraftCast: Live pick-by-pick analysis "A lot of people talk, saying my cone drill, Tom Brady was faster than me, so had to come in here and show I was faster than Tom Brady, I guess," he said afterward with a laugh. How to watch on live stream:, fuboTV. "That one just always stuck out in my head because you're looking at five plates on each side, picking it up five different times in a row, and you've got your linemen and your linebackers doing the same thing and struggling to get it, and here comes the receiver snapping out five reps, no problem," he said. DK improved both times at his pro day on March 29. Seattle Seahawks wide receiver DK Metcalf is one of the fastest wide receivers in the NFL. Not a member? In one embodiment, a method includes receiving data associated with an electronic communication and detecting, from the received data, and using a trainable model, an indicator of a potential violation condition, where the violation condition is .
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